CNC Precision Turning Services in Pewaukee, WI

Techni-Turn, Inc. is well-known across the country for providing the highest-caliber CNC precision turning services. Our staff, equipment and experience translate to uncompromising results that meet the needs of customers big and small, for projects simple and complex. Our facilities in Pewaukee, WI are well-equipped to provide every level of precision turning services.

Precision Turning Services

CNC Turning Capabilities

Our CNC turning capabilities are suited for a diverse assortment of projects, no matter the material, specifications or standards. Our process is set up to produce complete parts in one operation, which results in better part-to-part consistency and lower costs. Take a look at some of the many reasons we’re so well-reputed for our CNC turning capabilities:

  • Sub-spindle for complete backside work without re-chucking
  • Long shaft capabilities (1″ diameter up to 12 feet long)
  • Live tooling to mill flats and slots and for drilling and tapping, without changeover
  • Magazine bar feeders for quick and efficient loading of raw materials
  • The latest machining technologies for producing high quality parts

CNC Precision Turning Services

Techni-Turn Advantages

Beyond our superior CNC turning capabilities, we bring our customers a broad assortment of reasons to work with us. Check out some of the reasons we’re a standout shop not just in Pewaukee and the Milwaukee County area, but across the country:

  • Single-source responsibility to provide complete machined components
  • Over 35 years of programming and machining experience
  • Better equipment and technology means better prices
  • Small, flexible company dedicated to great service and personal attention
  • Broad material capabilities (Steel, Stainless Steel, Delrin, Brass, Aluminum, Nickel)

Bring Us Your Precision Turning Services

Techni-Turn, Inc. welcomes your precision turning project with open arms and the ability to fulfill on it to your highest expectations. No matter the project specifications or requirements, we have the staff, know-how and sophisticated equipment to produce results. Contact us today at 262-246-8932 to discuss your project requirements for CNC precision turning services or custom precision machined parts if you’re in the Pewaukee, Wales, Brookfield, or Waukesha, WI areas.